Vibra Hospital of Denver Patient Comments

February 2015

  Carolyn Reed (LTAC CNA)…..One night an angel comes in my room with a smile so big and a laugh that is music.  She has an aura of love and caring that cannot be ignored.  Carolyn is the epitome of your Promise mission and I know that because of her my healing has progressed quicker than I thought it could.  I really miss her when she is not on shift and I cannot say enough to express my gratitude and love towards her.

  Teddy Mekuria (LTAC CNA)…..Helpful and personable, cheers me when I am down.  He assists me promptly when my light is on and is always willing to assist in any way he can.  It’s a joy to see him come through my door.

  Ugo Akotaobi (LTAC RN)…..She takes good care of me.  She always checks on me.  I like having her for my nurse.

  Tim Archuleta (SNF CNA)…..Tim is so cool.  Not only does he have integrity, ownership, and empathy, he is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.  He always shows me respect and motivates me with encouraging uplifting words.  He is a hard working CNA and man of many talents.  He is always so helpful and has a smile for everyone he meets.  He is always funny, pleasant and has great manners.  Keep up the good job, Tim.

  Kennedy Gichango (RT)…..Kennedy is a hard working young gentleman.  He has such a positive attitude.  He owns his job title and seems really motivated to be the best RT he can be.  He empathizes with me when I’m getting my trach changed or having a crazy coughing attack that won’t stop.  We have synergy because he always makes me laugh and smile.  He is a great team worker and a real asset to this hospital.  I’m so happy Kennedy is another person added to my already fantastic, incredible, phenomenal respiratory tech team.

  Dianne Arnold (Housekeeping)…..There hasn’t been a time when Dianne has not had a smile on her face or a kind word.  She has always been respectful of our family.  Dianne represents compassion and is a pleasure to see each and every time.

  Shelby Gomez (SNF CNA)…..Shelby always checks in on me and answers my call lights even when she is not my CNA.  She is a great motivator and helps me through my weight loss journey.  If I am having a crises, she empathizes with me and helps me through it.  More than one time she has found me crying in pain in my wheelchair with my CNA nowhere around.  She even took time from her lunch break just to get me back in bed and out of pain, by herself.  She is a hard worker and cares deeply for her patients.  She provides a very positive attitude, even when others are being negative.  I truly think Shelby is quite an asset to this hospital.