Recognition from Patient/Patient Family Members:

Lyn LaChapelle (SNF LPN), LePreil LaChapelle, Johnathan Valdez, Betty Vazquez, Chuck Duru, Hazel Morandarte (SNF CNAs), Karen Blair (PTA), Juan Manzanilla (PTA), Maureen Golden (OT)…..Thank you all for working so hard with me for the weeks I have been here.  I love you all.

Kelsi Spence (LTAC CNA)…..This girl brought joy and laughter to the room along with great care.  She and Jerry enjoyed gambling on his sugar numbers.

Dr. Masotti…..When he came to care for Jerry, we felt like we were safe.  If he had a practice, we would be his patients.

Brianna Eifler (LTAC CNA)…..Sweet girl, so helpful and strong. 

Maureen Golden (OT)……Loved Maureen.  She was so great working with Jerry.  He enjoyed her OT care.

Lori Parsons (LTAC Nursing Supervisor)…..Lori is steady, strong and comforting at the same time.  She was always able to make me, as Jerry’s wife, feel that everything was okay.

Juliana Atkins (Wound Care RN)…..One of the first nurses we saw.  She has a sweet calm about her.  She cared for Jerry’s wounds very tenderly and good.

Lori Dunn (LTAC RN)…..Nice lady, great nurse.  Love her encouraging words.  Quiet strength.

Alan Russell (PT)…..His calm, encouraging way was a great comfort to Jerry.  Jerry said Alan is a good man.

Alan Russell (PT), Liz Bekerman (COTA)…..Alan and Liz do a great job.

Dr. Morgan…..Wonderful bedside manner.  Jerry liked him a lot.  When Jerry got up the first time, Dr. Morgan quietly stood at the door and observed with a smile.

Karen Blair (PTA)…..Karen is fabulous.  She goes above and beyond.

Juliana Atkins (Wound Care RN)…..Excellent treatment and very caring.

Paul Geneson (LTAC CNA)…..Helps out even when I was not his patient.

Rosa Almanza (LTAC CNA)…..Always helpful.

Dr. Cullinan…..She is wonderful.  She is really ahead of things.

Latoya Atler (LTAC CNA)…..She always comes in and checks on me.  She gives good showers.  She really seems to care.

Dr. Warren…..Dr. Warren is so caring.  He goes above and beyond to care and check.

Evelyn Ruiz (LTAC LPN)…..I love her.  She makes me happy.  I am so happy to have her as a nurse.

Lala Canlas (LTAC RN)…..Lala is very attentive.  She does things before I ask.

Georgina Borrunda Torres (LTAC CNA)…..Georgina is a good worker with an excellent personality.

Brooke Costley (LTAC RN)…..I love that girl.  She is right on top of things.

Juliana Atkins (Wound Care RN)…..Juliana is a gem.  She works so hard.

Dr. Masotti…..Dr. Masotti is a good doctor.  He tells me like it is.  I really like him.  He treats me really good.

Cassandra Domingo (LTAC RN)…..I absolutely love her.

Dr. Cullinan…..Dr. Cullinan is a gem.  She tells me like it is.

Juliana Atkins (Wound Care RN)…..That woman is the best.  I don’t know how she does what she does.  I feel so secure with her and she gives me helpful guidelines.

Dr. Masotti…..I love that man.  He is caring, considerate, very attentive and he listens

Bob Bensenberg (LTAC LPN)…..Bob is, by far, the best nurse.

Dr. Wanasika…..What can I say about her?  She is wonderful.

Arnaud Schneider (LTAC RN)…..Arnaud is very caring and helpful.  A great staff member.

Kathy Mann (LTAC RN)…..Kathy always checks in and doesn’t make me wait.

Arnaud Schneider (LTAC RN)…..Arnaud is great, he is so comforting and helpful.

Staci Gabrielle (LTAC RN)…..Staci does a great job, always has a smile on her face.  Very positive.

Staci Gabrielle (LTAC RN), Karen Blair (PTA)…..Top care giving.  Very professional.

Karen Blair (PTA)…..Great results.

Jana Ruane (LTAC RN), Rosa Almanza (LTAC CNA)…..Great bedside manner.  Very good care.

Martha Mendoza (LTAC CNA)…..Martha lights up the room.  She does more than one human should do.  Everyone wants her as a nurse.

Staci Gabrielle (LTAC RN)…..Staci walks into a room and you feel better.  She smiles and laughs and takes great care.

Cindy Campbell (LTAC RN)…..Cindy is a great nurse.

Maureen Bunch (Infection Prevention Nurse)…..She does a great job.

Evelyn Ruiz (LTAC LPN)…..Evelyn is a sweetheart.  She really does a great job.

Rosa Almanza (LTAC CNA)…..Rosa comes in and takes care of me and smiles, even when she is not my nurse.  She has a wicked sense of humor.

Taylar Apsey (LTAC RN)…..Taylar is a gem.

Martha Mendoza (LTAC CNA)…..Martha is an ace of a nurse.

Meg Sparling (Director of Case Management)…..Meg has done the best thing ever for me.

Martha Mendoza (LTAC CNA)…..Martha is a sweetheart.

Danion Yazzie (LTAC RN)…..Dani is a beautiful person.  She has a great personality.  She takes time to smile.

Arnaud Schneider (LTAC RN)…..Arnaud is very pleasant.  He goes out of his way.

LTAC Night Staff…..They took care of my needs and made me able to cope with the most difficult periods of time for me, especially when between 2 and 5am, a time I experience pain and a lot of emotion.  They were there ASAP or even more quickly than I could let them know physically, with little explanation.  Money or power couldn’t buy better care as far I got to witness.  What an effort.  Your team could meet any challenge.

Vibra Staff…..The care was splendid, exceptional, beyond compare.  I would like to say that during my stay I was able to observe some of the other patient’s needs and I was pleasantly surprised to witness their needs being met.  Great team effort.  Also, service awards were given and I was able to work with one girl that was recognized for 15 years of service.  Great team and individual effort.

Arnaud Schneider (LTAC RN)…..He is very caring and always asks what he can do for you.

Diane Russell (LTAC CNA)…..I had Diane before and she is still as nice as before.

Martha Mendoza (LTAC CNA)…..She is the most kind and caring CNA I’ve ever had. She is a very hard worker and deserves a raise or bonus.

Audra Calhoon (LTAC RN)…..Audra is a great kid and works hard.

Martha Mendoza (LTAC CNA)….Always nice to me and talks to me like a person.

Jennifer Osborne (LTAC RN)…..I just got here, but she is real nice as a nurse.

All LTAC Nurses and CNAs…..Thank you for all the wonderful care you gave me. You were all so kind and warm.  Thank you again.

Paul Geneson (LTAC NCA), Bob Bensenberg (LTAC LPN)…..All I have to do is ask for some help to get into bed and they are here anytime.  Paul helps me out of bed and helps me in bed.  He told me to use him as a walker so I don’t fall.

Rosa Almanza (LTAC CNA), Karen Armendariz (LTAC RN)…..They are both real nice and I think they should be recognized.

Alan Russell (PT)…..Alan has helped me to walk again with my walker.  He is very patient with me.

Maureen Golden (OT)…..Helps my arms with the band she lets me use.

Tracie Glover (LTAC RN)…..Tracie works hard and is a great kid.

Karen Blair (PT)…..Karen is great and she works hard.

Maureen Golden (OT)…..Maureen is a great kid who works hard.

Rosa Almanza (LTAC CNA)…..Rosa brings me my pain pills and I don’t even have to ask for them.  She knows what time I need them.

Dawn Schmidt (LTAC LPN)…..Dawn talks to me and calms me down before she draws my blood.  I’m happy about that.

Kathy Mann (LTAC RN)…..Jerry had her a lot.  She was very punctual with meds and just sweet and friendly.  We liked her a lot.

Audra Calhoon (LTAC RN)…..Wonderful woman.  So kind and compassionate.  She touched us.  God bless her and the baby she soon will have.

Meg Hosford (LTAC CNA)…..She is very upbeat and brings joy in the room when she comes on.  We enjoyed Meg as she cared for Jerry.

Lindsey Wenger (LTAC RN)…..Lindsey was very professional, yet very caring and so sweet.  Took good care of my husband, Jerry.

Cindy Campbell (LTAC RN)…..So kind and compassionate, truly a wonderful nurse.  She is so interesting, as well.  We love her second job.

Martha Mendoza (LTAC CNA)…..Martha goes the extra mile.  She brought a spark in Jerry when she made him exercise by changing his own pillows and shouting his name whenever she walked by the room.  When she bathed him, she washed his hair and cut it!  I, as Jerry’s wife, loved Martha’s care.