Vibra Hospital of Denver Patient Comments

January 2015

Dianne Arnold (Housekeeper)…..Has a very positive attitude; is kind, generous, and treats everyone with high respect; is efficient, organized, and does a great job; always a pleasure to see her happy smile; respects my feelings; know my room is always cleaned to the best.

Rosa Almanza (Housekeeper)…..Is a very positive and enthusiastic person; introduces herself when cleaning your room; warm, caring smile; cleans my room with the utmost care, being sure that my belongings are handled with caring hands; helps other staff by taking the extra step to make their jobs easier; is very efficient and organized in all her duties; is a definite asset to Vibra.

Dee Lucuab (SNF Unit Secretary)…..Is the best!  Worked so hard doing all my paperwork, getting x-rays, and setting up my transportation.  Treats me with respect and empathy and listens to all my concerns.  Is fabulous at calming me down and reassuring me so I don’t have an anxiety attack before my appointments.  Is so positive, professional, and sweet.  Feel very blessed to have her on my side!  Always motivates me to work hard to attain my goals and dreams!  Is truly an asset to this establishment.  Personally, I think she deserves a big raise!  You are the best, Dee!

Carolyn Reed (LTACH CNA)…..Has the best bedside manner and gets me everything I ask for.  Goes and gets my nurse when I need her.  Changes my linen without me even having to ask.  Every time I come out of the restroom my best is always fixed.  She carries on a conversation with me.  I am scared being here but she makes it easier.

Pierre Lewis (Maintenance)…..He is so nice!!  He came in and introduced himself and checked out the whole room and asked if there was anything else we needed and left his phone # on the board and has continued to check to see if there was anything we needed.  Nice, happy, helpful, friendly; fixed my sister’s door knob.  Goes the extra mile!!

Dr. Wanasika…..Very caring, cares for clients.  Soft spoken and soft touch.

Dr. Joe Turner…..So caring, informative and compassionate.

Cindy Garner (RT)…..Always has her beautiful smile on her face.  She is very informative, caring, reassuring,  funny and spunky.  It’s contagious, her passion for life. Comforting and encouraging. A true asset,  great with patients and family.  An angel, like family.  I can’t say enough on this little card.

Leann Draper (SNF LPN)…..Leann is such an optimistic, happy, fun, beautiful nurse.  She always shows me respect and is a fantastic motivator.  We have “guessing contests” to check my blood sugar numbers.  She is so silly.  We do a celebration dance when the number is low.  When my sugar is a little high (not too often), she empathizes with me and takes my guilt away with her compassion.  She is always in a good mood and has some bright crazy scrubs that always brighten my mood.  She is so professional, kind, caring, and just plain fun to be around.  She is awesome.

Lisa Lagodny (SNF RN)…..Lisa is one of my most favorite nurse in the world.  She has such a fantastic personality and sense of humor.  I love to talk to her about our kitties, our “better halves” and of course, the Broncos and the Kansas State university football team.  She always brightens my day.  She is such a fantastic nurse, she shows her patients such respect, it’s obvious she loves what she is doing.  I am so very happy to have her as my nurse.

Dianna Ortiz (LTACH CNA), Richard Bradshaw (LTACH CNA)…..I call them the “Flash Duo Team” when they work together.  Answer calls quickly, clean up messes in minutes.  Both always stop by to say “hi” and check on me.

Jennifer Manriquez (Dietary Aide)…..Polite, always on time with next menu, and goes over it with me. 

Carmen Salinas (Housekeeping)…..She is always polite and will come back later to clean if it is not convenient for me.  One thing that stands out is, if I need something extra, she is willing to help.

Dr Leo, Alicia Lipe (Special Procedures)…..I was treated with great respect, care, and kindness.  I came in with pain at level 8 and after the treatment, my pain level was 0.  Heaven is the word.  Best medical care.

Tony Roberts (Lead PT), Maureen Golden (OT), Juan Manzanilla (PTA)…..I call these three my “painful crew”.  They make sure I work out every day, even if I am not feeling well.  They push me to the limit.  When it’s over, they give me encouragement for the next time.  I really appreciate them.

Bich Tran (RT)… of my most favorite RTs – is wonderful, kind, positive, happy, professional, and has good manners, too.  I know when Bich is my RT for the night – I’m always greeted with a smile. She always fits my mask perfectly.  I can sleep easy knowing if something happens she’ll be by my side in a split second.  She’s the best! 

Shelby Gomez-Torres (SNF CNA)…..Shelby is such a wonderful young woman.  She is such a hard worker and team player!  She always helps even when she is not my CNA.  Whether I need my yogurt changed or I need a bedpan, or just moving my plants to the window, Shelby does it all!  She shows empathy when I fail and motivates me to never give up!  She treats everybody with respect and has such a sweet demeanor.  She’s supposed to end her shift at 6:30 and I’ve seen her stay much later to make sure all call lights are answered.  Shelby, you rock!

Kit Almagure (SNF RN)…..Thank you for caring for my husband, making “in a very special way and the attention given to him.”  Kit is an especially kind nurse. I am “forever grateful for her care and empathy to Mickey and I.”

Jennifer Kishimoto (OT)…..Thank you for caring for my husband Mike.  Jennifer pushed him to do his therapy and tried to get him to do what he needed to do.  I will be forever grateful to the care and empathy to both of us.

Pam Miller (Social Worker)…..Thank you for the special care for my husband.

Rachel Holland (SNF CNA)…..Every time Rachel came in my husband’s room she always checked to see if we needed anything and took excellent care of my husband.  My husband was tugging at his bag where the urine goes, and Rachel checked it.  Fixed the problem, asked my husband if he had any pain and reported to his nurse right away.  It’s good to see someone like her when a family is going through a hard time.  What a kind and caring person.

Kylie Hockenberry (SLP)…..My wife and I would like to acknowledge the work of Kylie.  Kylie’s pleasant attitude, her compassion for her patient’s shortcomings, and her obvious commitment to excellence make us look forward to each session with her. She inspires us to do better in the rehabilitation process.

Brianna Eifler (LTACH CNA)…..She was very attentive and kindhearted.  When I asked for something, it was brought right away with a smile and a cheerful attitude. I have to say she has been the best CNA I have had so far.

Angela Pittman (SNF CNA)…..She goes above and beyond to make sure patients are satisfied in every way before leaving the room.  She is excellent.  She is very prompt answering call lights, always available, learned every aspect of care quickly, needs minimal reminders.  Nicest and friendliest CNA I have ever met.  Always happy, comes in with a smile, and happy to help the patient feel cared for.

Emily Miller-Dawson (LTACH RN)…..For the last 3 days, Emily has guided S. through some potentially serious symptoms.  She answered my many questions and took great care of Sandy, and all with a smile.  Thank you.  You are beyond showing PROMISE, you are the nurse everybody would want for some of the most challenging days of your life.