June 2015

Recognition from Patient/Patient Family Members:

Juliana Atkins (Special Procedures RN), Angie Lacertosa (Rad Tech), Ryan Gruber (Rad Tech), Shawna Osmann (Special Procedures RN)…..All of them did a really good job.  Thank you so much for not hurting me.

Lori Parsons (LTACH RN)…..Lori exemplified PROMISE by being attentive, prompt, precise, and never left me hanging.  She also gave me pointers upon how to make certain things easier, comforted me, and answered all my questions.  She is skilled, experienced, and takes care of business.  I appreciated that greatly!  Every inquiry I threw her way (which was many), she answered them all, despite it probably being constant!  She rocks at what she does!  And she didn’t judge me when I first arrived…angry, sick, frustrated, in severe pain, and a mess.  She looked past that, and I appreciate that.

Angie Lacertosa (Rad Tech)…..Angie is wonderful.  She really listens.  Made me feel comfortable during a painful x-ray.

Katie Liberator (Dietitian)…..Katie was so nice. She brought me extra information on my diet; I really needed it.  She gave me her phone # in case I have questions. 

Juliana Atkins (LTACH RN)…..Super 10. She was wonderful, caring, and patient.  I appreciated that she held my hand.

Kelsi Parker (Spence) (LTACH CNA)…..Kelsi is very positive.  She is open to overcoming negative problems and she is really empathetic to my needs.

Terri Woods (Unit Secretary)…..T greets me each day with a smile and is so helpful when I need ice water, things put in refrigerator, etc.  Very cheerful and positive.

Marinette Kopkep (LTACH CNA)…..In spite of differences in cultural backgrounds, she has a positive attitude and cares for my needs at the moment.  She has a lot of potential in nursing.