Vibra Hospital of Denver Patient Comments March 2015

Recognition from Patient/Patient Family Members:

Marie Strickland (SLP), Karen Blair (PTA), Liz Bekerman (COTA), Amy Mayol (LTAC Nursing Supervisor), Kelsi Spence (LTAC CNA), Richard Bradshaw (LTAC CNA), Bob Bensenberg (LTAC LPN)…..Great people.

Sabrina Martin, Lisa Lagodny (SNF RNs)…..They were excellent taking care of Mr. L.  They did an excellent job.  Thank you.

Tony Roberts (PT), Maureen Golden (OT)…..These two started as my worst challenge, but quickly turned into my favorite activity.  I really appreciate their patience and persistence, and help.  Thank you.

Deanna Ortiz (LTAC CNA), Diane Russell (LTAC CNA), Selly Tesfagaber (LTAC RN), Nina Rosacci (LTAC RN)…..These nurses and CNAs rock!

Patty Bonner (LTAC RN)…..She is an excellent nurse who is very nice and takes her time.  Thank you.

Beth Ralph (Case Management)…..Beth has been very helpful.

Leann Draper (SNF LPN)…..Excellent nurse, great with my Dad.

Juan Manzanilla (PTA)…..Excellent job.  Thank you.

Karen Blair (PTA)…..She was great with our father.  She made him do his therapy as we wanted him to do.

Tonia Gonzales (LTAC CNA), Amy Mayol (LTAC Nursing Supervisor), Carol Crocker (LTAC RN), Pepper Mitchell (RT), Deb Ray (RT), James Quint (RT)….. Patient Mr. D and his family members want to recognize the following staff for being knowledgeable, helpful and going above and beyond what is expected of them.  They also said, Deb Ray helped get Mr. D set up when he arrived (things that you would think would be others’ jobs.)

Carmen Lopez (SNF CNA)…..Carmen is such a wonderful CNA.  She is so positive and has such integrity, deep moral standards, fantastic family values and a great bed side manner.  She always shows me respect and empathy when she’s dealing with the pain in my leg.  I connect with her because she really listens to what I’m telling her.  I love how she lights up when I ask her about her adorable son Romeo.  She is so proud of him and proud of her job too.  Carmen is a very hard worker, very wise, spiritual and she always makes me smile.  I just love the oodles out of her.  Carmen, you rock!

Rachel Holland (SNF CNA)…..Rachel overflows with the PROMISE definition.  She is always helping me out when my CNA is busy elsewhere.  I know that when she helps me to get in the sling or my wheelchair, she makes double sure that I’m pain free.  Rachel is so outgoing and friendly too.  She makes me smile and laugh every time I see her.  I love to talk to her about our kitties and our hubbies too.  She is such a wonderful person.  She is a great team member and is always stopping in just to say hi, even when she is not my CNA.  This shows me she cares and I’m really glad she works here.