Patient Experience September 2015

Recognition from Patient/Patient Family Members: Sept 2015

Arnaud Schneider (LTAC RN)…..Very attentive and dedicated.  Worked to find a good anti-nausea combo of meds.  Very soothing and very good at what he does.

Arnaud Schneider (LTAC RN)…..He always starts his shift coming in ready to work and check on patient’s needs.  Very kind.

Cindy Campbell (LTAC RN)…..Cindy is a go-getter.

Wanda Ready (Activities Director)…..Wanda displays all the characteristics of “PROMISE”.  It is always a joy to see her and I am so impressed with her care towards others.

Anne Tooley (SNF LPN)…..How does one recognize an individual who does so much with so little to do it with.  Anne is a special person with lots of born talents that come naturally.  Her attention to detail and the small things in life.  Her commitment to her profession to go back to school at the age of 51 is mind boggling.  Her compassion towards her patients, her smile.  I feel my recovery is directly tied into Anne and others aspiring to emulate her.  She is the hope and change that Obama never delivered.  May God bless her and Vibra for hiring her.  She delivers.

Tonia Gonzales (LTAC CNA)…..Does a great job taking care of me.  Very nice.

Latoya Atler (LTAC CNA)…..Latoya is wonderful.  She is caring, conscientious and hard working.  She never tells me no.  Thank you, Latoya.

Dr. Leo, Juliana Atkins, Jean DiMicco, Ryan Gruber, Angie Lacertosa (Special Procedures)…..The care I get is exemplary in every way.  It is without question some of the best medical treatment around.  Thank you.

Juliana Atkins, Jean DiMicco, Ryan Gruber, Angie Lacertosa (Special Procedures)…..Made me feel hopeful, cared for and listened to me.  Simply the best.

Joe Nikolaus (RT)…..Very respectful, caring and very positive about everything.

Maureen Golden (OT)…..Excellent in her duties.  Very caring and understanding.  Knows her job well.

Heidi Hurley (LTAC RN)…..Very considerate of her patient’s needs.  Very professional in her duties.

Latoya Atler (LTAC CNA)…..Very thorough and quick at her job.  Very considerate of her patients and well informed.

Diane Arnold (Housekeeping)…..Excellent job in keeping the rooms very clean and sanitary.  Very hard worker, when needed.

Chuck Duru (SNF CNA)…..One of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Always with a smile, can do attitude, respect and motivation.  Always there to help in any way he can.  I renamed him the “Bronx Bomber” of Vibra.  He has it rough, as most CNAs and LPNs do.  He is going back to school to become a nurse.  I had a problem with my computer and he solved it with a smile.  I just love when he comes in at night.  “Alright” rings out in his beautiful voice.  He has the bedside manner that most doctors just dream about.  Thanks Vibra.

Bich Tran (RT)…..Very respectful, caring and honest.  She is there 100% for her patients.  Great bedside manner.

Cindy Garner (RT)…..Keeps her word, even is she is busy.  Very caring and understanding to patients.

Mary Sims (LTAC RN)…..Excellent manners.  Goes above and beyond her duties.  Excellent personality.

Angie Pittman (SNF CNA)…..Always smiling and happy.  Does the job to the full extent.

Kit Almagure (SNF RN)…..Keeps the ship afloat with skills and personality.

Deanna Ortiz (LTAC CNA)…..She is there whenever needed and does anything.  Excellent bedside manner and personality.  Very respectful.

Pepper Mitchell (RT)…..Very caring and respectful to patients.

Charles Helton (RT)…..He is polite and very caring to his patients.

Chrissy Elzey (LTAC LPN)…..Very respectful.  Great bedside manner.  Great integrity and very caring to her patients.

Alan Russell (PT)…..Excellent at his job.  Great with his patients.

Bich Tran (RT)…..Thank you for all your great care.  I sure like you.  I’m sorry for all I have done.

Chuck Duru, Johnathon Valdez (SNF CNA)…..Two CNA’s totally dedicated to their jobs, without question.  No matter what the task, promise, respect, motivation, energy.  12 hour shifts are not for everyone.  You meet yourself coming.  The attitude on both these CNA’s does not change.  I don’t comprehend how they manage it.  They are both going to school to better themselves, just one more thing to add to their burdens.  Talk about dedication.  I am proud to say they are my CNA’s.  Thank you, Vibra.

Karen Blair (PTA), Jennifer Kishimoto (OT), Juan Manzanilla (PTA)…..For all of your good works and great care, their patience and compassion towards me.  They’re great.

Maureen Golden (OT), Alan Russell (PT)…..It is hard to separate one from the other.  They work together like a well-oiled machine.  They both are way beyond the Vibra Promise.  They exceed all of the commitments and then some.  They have been an integral part of my recovery, always with a smile on their faces.  They push you to the limit, but never over it.  What can you say when you have the very best of the best, cutting edge, sharp as a razor.  I will miss them dearly when I leave, but they will always be in my mind.  Thanks, Vibra, for hiring them.

Stephanie Ramirez (SNF CNA)…..Stephanie is one great CNA.  She is very dedicated to her job and profession.  She exemplifies what all Vibra stands for, giving all she has to help others.  Stephanie is everything a patient would want and need.  I feel totally confident in her care and understanding, always with a smile.

Kristie Smith-Shaw, Mia Gualandi (SNF CNA)…..These two have consistently given me the best of care you could ever want.  They are two of the best CNA’s that drive the core value of Vibra.  I think they wrote the manual for Vibra employees to follow.  They were here tending my every need with the speed of light and always with a smile.  I told them both that when I die, I want them to be at my side as they would have me in heaven before the devil knew I was dead.  The both reassured me that I was not going to die just yet and with a smile, said “If you need anything, just let us know.”  Thanks, Vibra.

Maria Estrada (SNF CNA)…..Maria is the top of the food chain.  She knows exactly what to do and when to do it.  To a “T”, all the nurses have expressed how lucky they are when she is assigned to their shift.  Everything with a smile and “can do” attitude.  She performs with such efficiency, with the patients always placed first.  It’s comforting to know that you are in the best of hands when she is your CNA.  Thank you, Vibra, for hiring such qualified personnel and retaining them.  Marie is off the charts.

Angie Pittman (SNF CNA)…..Another great CNA.  How does one describe perfection?  She always has a smile and a very calming way about her.  She always gives me promise and hope.  Vibra’s mission is 2nd nature to her.  Never once have I heard her complain about anything.  When I was in management at IBM, we would strive to have our employees to endeavor to rise to the level that Angie has by nature.  I am very fortunate to have her as one of my CNA’s.  Thank you, Vibra.

Denise Sisneros (SNF RN)…..Denise is one of my most favorite nurses.  She’s so awesome and always double checks my meds, makes suggestions for the doctors and me, and always checks on my pain many times throughout her shift.  She is so genuine and just an outstanding nurse.  I also absolutely love talking with her about all our cats.  Denise is a huge kitty lover, just like me.  To top it all off, she’s also a Bronco fan, too.  She’s an asset to his wonderful care center and she just rocks.  Denise, you’re the best.

Domonique Pedroza (SNF CNA)…..Domonique is such a fun CNA.  She gets her work done very fast and professional.  She always empathizes with me when I hit a plateau in my weight loss.  Then she becomes the pep filled cheerleader to motivate me whenever I lose a few pounds.  Domonique has a hilarious sense of humor and a really incredible singing voice.  She’s a team player and I know my day will be a good one whenever she is my CNA.

Maribel Vargas, Brianna Eifler, Tonia Gonzales (LTAC CNA’s)…..All are superb and top notch.  Do a very good job.